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Is Your Website Ready for the Super Bowl?

Jason Pinto
Posted on in General
According to a new report that was shared by MediaPost, nearly 60% of mobile phone users plan to look at or use their phones during this year’s Super Bowl. As New England Patriots fans, we certainly hope that those folks put down their phones in time to watch our home-team celebrate their victory But the bottom-line [...]

An Easier Way to Get “Home”

Jason Pinto
Posted on in News
I just wanted to share news regarding an enhancement that we released today. In an effort to make the mobile websites that you build with our iFlyMobi application as user-friendly as possible, we have added a “Home” button to each page that you build with our software (excluding your website’s actual “home page”, of course). [...]

Adding an Image to Your Mobile Website

Posted on in Inspiration, News
We are pleased to annouce that there is now an easier way to insert images through the iFlyMobi mobile website creater. There is a new icon available in our WYSIWYG menu that allows you to easily enter the URL of the image that you’d like to include within the pages of your mobile website.  Below is a screenshot [...]