Reach the Mobile Audience

The explosion in the mobile marketing space has truly been quite impressive. Here are a few statistics that help support this:

The Growth of the Mobile Audience
  • The mobile web will be bigger than desktop Internet use by 2015 (Morgan Stanley)
  • There are more than 5 billion mobile phone subscriptions (CNET)
  • Smartphones outsell PCs in Q4 2010 (ReadWriteWeb)

Yes, devices such as the iPhone or any of the ones running the Android platform have made it easy for millions of people to hop on the web whenever they want to and from wherever they’d like. iFlyMobi can help you to remove the potential frustration that users of the mobile web may run into.

With our application, you can generate mobile-optimized pages within minutes, and then make them available to the public.

Connect People to your Mobile-Optimized Site with QR Codes

QR Code to John Foley's Mobile-Optimized Page

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Present a Mobile-Optimized Site when People Access Your Website

Example of a Mobile-Optimized Website
Example of a Mobile-Optimized Site for a Realtor

When someone accesses your website on their phone, direct them to the mobile-optimized version to deliver relevant information in a timely fashion.

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