QR Codes

The main reason for people to use iFlyMobi is to generate mobile-optimized content for the web.

Well, since a number of your prospects and customers may head to your website after you viewing printed collateral, it was a natural fit for us to integrate QR Codes into this application.

How iFlyMobi Uses QR Codes
  • Automatically Generates a QR Codes For Each Mobile Website and Each Page within the Website
  • Provides a Lo-Res and Hi-Res Version of the QR Code
  • The Reporting Tracks Scans that come from the QR Code

Downloading the QR Code from iFlyMobi

Downloading a QR Code from iFlyMobi

Connect with your Mobile Audience via QR Codes

QR Code on a business card pointing to a mobile-optimized site

Once you’ve downloaded the QR Code from iFlyMobi, you can use it to make your printed materials interactive. This may include business cards (as shown above), flyers, brochures, signs, clothing and other items.

Your customers, prospects, and other associates will now have all of your contact points at their fingertips through your iFlyMobi profile card.