Holiday Shopping With Mobile – Crazy Statistics

Lou Cimaglia
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iMobiTrax recently posted a blog titled, “19 Crazy Stats Showing Holiday Shoppers Are Going Insanely Mobile.” Some of the stats really impressed us over here, and we had to share some of our favorites.

  • “42 Percent of people this year are checking for deals and specials on their mobile device”

  • “37 Percent of people are browsing stores online via their mobile device for products of interest”

  • “33 Percent of mobile device users are search for product ratings and reviews”

  • “With 10% more people buying mobile devices this year for Christmas, it doesn’t come as any surprise that more than half of all consumers want a tablet.”

  • “63 Percent of people want and iPad 3 or iPad this Christmas”

  • “87 Percent of people are purchasing from tablets because of consumer product reviews”

  • “41 Percent of people on mobile devices are checking Amazon for competitive pricing”

There are plenty more, check here to see the rest!

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Infographic: Catching Up & Getting Mobile

Lou Cimaglia
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Our own Michelle Jollymore created this incredible infographic about the the growth and usage of QR codes and mobile technology. Check it out!

Cyber Monday and Mobile

Lou Cimaglia
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CNN recently posted a video about the “Cyber Monday” shopping craze and the increasing presence of mobile commerce.

Click here to watch the video.

The video notes that Cyber Monday spending is expected to top $1.5 billion this year, an increase from last year. Emphasized was the importance of online and mobile shopping, and the increased usage of eCommerce.

Also talked about was Facebook’s foray into eCommerce. The new “Buy A Gift” feature allows you to send gifts to your friends without ever having to leave your home.

The video goes on to say that, “your smartphone has blurred the line between in-store shopping and online shopping.”

Another CNN article addresses the idea that Cyber Monday, and Black Friday, for that matter, are no longer relegated to the days that they were named for.

“Cyber Monday’s original appeal, as the first weekday after Thanksgiving, was access to quick Internet speeds while at work,” says CNN Money writer Julianne Pepitone. “But now broadband at home is ubiquitous, and consumers can also shop on a slew of mobile devices.

“And so retailers’ online deals stretch well ahead of Cyber Monday — in some cases, nearly a full week before.”

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Holiday Travel and Mobile Apps

Lou Cimaglia
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Ever been stuck in a long airport line a day or two before a big holiday? Odds are, you have. And it is no fun.

Of course, here at interlinkONE, we love any new type of mobile technology that comes out, especially the ones that make holiday travel a little bit easier.

Virtually all of the major airlines have adopted this mobile approach, designed to increase efficiency in airport terminals. An article on Mobile Commerce Daily earlier this year quoted a spokesman for Southwest Airlines and their shift to mobile.

“’As an airline, we know our customers are constantly on the go, and the feedback we have received in focus groups lets us know how best to communicate with our customers,’ said Chris Mainz, a spokesman for Southwest Airlines, Dallas, TX.

‘It is important for us to give access to our customers to book tickets on Southwest in a manner that suits them, and mobile is an important part of that strategy,”’he said.”

United Airlines has an extensive mobile app as well, and their site says the app can alert passengers of flight booking, check in and mobile boarding documents, flight status, flight reminders, seat maps, frequent flyer account access, airport maps and flight view.

Wherever you travel this holiday season, be safe. Be sure to give mobile a try this year, and let us know how it worked! Tweet us @iflymobi!

Mobile Commerce In 6 Easy Steps

Tom Barry
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Hard to believe, but the holiday shopping season is upon us once again. This year will be marked by the influence and growth of mobile commerce and its broad acceptance from holiday shoppers.

Your company most likely has crafted a marketing plan to capture the attention of your audience. Have you been thinking “mobile-first?”

Know your customers. They are busy and they are on the move. If you sell products on your desktop website, why wouldn’t you incorporate that into your mobile site?

Get started with mobile commerce using iFlyMobi. Here are six steps outlining how to add mobile commerce to your mobile site.

Step 1

Add a new page on your mobile site that provides a call to action for your mobile storefront. Click the button that says +New Page (drag and drop).

Step 2

Update your page basics to drive traffic to the mobile store.

Step 3

Drag your  Buy-It-Now button into your mobile website.

Step 4

Click to add payment info and select payment method.

Step 5

Fill in information for online purchasing and update block.

Step 6

Start selling mobile! If you are ready, we’ll give you the tools and teach you how to boost your mobile marketing efforts. Give me a call at (978) 674-8080 or feel free to register for one of our iFly 15′s. just click here.

Customize Your Mobile Site

Tom Barry
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On sales calls, I often get the question, “Can I keep my mobile site in line with my desktop site, in terms of branding?”

My answer to that is simple and consistent – don’t fix it if it ain’t broken! Unless you are ready for a total redesign of your website, your branding should be consistent on all channels.

Keep your logo and colors consistent!

Get crazy about measuring data – track analytics to know what content you need.

Think practically, be relevant with mobile, and have some fun with it!

If you’re looking for practical ways to use mobile give us a call at (978)674-8080 or send us a tweet at @iFlyMobi!

Webinar Tomorrow- Last Chance To Sign Up!

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Tomorrow, I will be hosting a 30 minute webinar on the iFlyMobi product, and how mobile websites can elevate your business at 2 pm, EST.

I’ll tell you all you need to know about mobile websites, including:

Building Sites

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And More!

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MBTA Goes Mobile

Lou Cimaglia
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Our friends over at Boston Innovation posted an article this week about the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) plans to adopt mobile ticketing, which will help cut down on lines and waiting.

Living here in the Boston area, we have all been subjected to long T lines after various events around town. This advancement aims to eliminate that.

According to the MBTA website, “…customers on four MBTA Commuter Rail Lines, north and west of Boston, will be able to use their smartphones instead of paper tickets to ride the train. Under this first-in the nation mobile ticketing program, customers will be able to purchase tickets and passes using the MBTA mTicket app for iPhone and Android devices wherever they are. The tickets are displayed on the phone’s screen as a digital ‘flash pass’ or encrypted barcode. The system uses the JustRide mobile ticketing platform from Masabi US Ltd.”


Study: Smartphone Penetration Hits 51%

Lou Cimaglia
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A study from comScore, published here on November 5, says that smartphone penetration has reached 51% of the market. Depending on demographics, this is somewhat of an imperfect number. Nonetheless, it is still important.

More than half of our cell phones are of the smart variety.

And most of those are Android. According to the article:

“On a worldwide basis, Android owns over 75% of the market in recently purchased smartphones. According to comScore, the U.S. picture is less lopsided. Google has a 52.5% share as of September, compared to Apple’s 34.3%. RIM’s nosedive continues predictably with a 8.4% share (-2.3 point in a quarter). And Microsoft’s costly charge into the mobile market continues to underwhelm, with a 3.6% share.”

The article goes on to say that over 75% of all Americans are using SMS, 54% use apps and 52% use a mobile browser.  Mobile social networking is at just about 40%. These numbers are very impressive, and need to be heeded by marketers.

How does your business plan on reaching this massive population?

Do you want to learn more about how you can reach this rapidly growing mobile audience? Register for our webinar on 11/15 - John Foley and Tom Barry will be discussing how to create, manage and sell mobile websites for your business and your clients. It’s free and is only 30 minutes long, but could be the key to your business succeeding in the mobile sphere.

11/15 Webinar Announcement: iFlyMobi Product Demo

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On November 15, at 2:00 pm EST, Tom Barry will be hosting a 30-minute webinar on iFlyMobi product demonstration.

“This product demo webinar will be focused on educating our audience on best practices and ways to use iFlyMobi and QReate and Track to make the most of your mobile marketing experience,” said Tom.

“We will cover everything from building mobile websites to selling them, as well as using QR codes to enrich your marketing efforts.”

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