Mobile, SMS, Espresso, and Edible Ink

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As someone that has a fairly sizable caffeine addiction, and that is surrounded by chatter about printing and mobile most of the day, I certainly became a huge fan of this product as soon as I saw the video:

The video demonstrates how the Textspresso machine accepts SMS/text-messages that place orders for a drink. Then, it’s able to print a personalized message in edible ink on the top of the espresso.

Learn more about this product on Springwise >>


Getting Ready for Near Field Communications (NFC)

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In the world of marketing, especially in the mobile space, technology advancements are happening ever before.

One area that we are enjoying keeping an eye on is Near Field Communications (NFC). While we are huge fans of QR Codes, NFC certainly appears to have the potential to be a better alternative in some cases.

In this video, I had the chance to sit with interlinkONE’s CEO John Foley, Jr. to discuss the basics of what NFC is, what it might mean for businesses, and what it might mean for consumers.

Customize the Time-Zone for your Mobile Website Reporting

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Since the release our iFlyMobi application, it has been quite exciting to see how word has spread about what our mobile website builder can do! For example, we are thrilled that we have customers throughout the world using our tools to reach the growing mobile audience with online content that is optimized for mobile devices.

To support our growing customer-base, we have been working on enhancements to provide them with a more “local” experience when it comes to our application.

In line with that, I’m happy to share the news that iFlyMobi users can now customize the Time-Zone that is used to build the reports inside of our application.

How to Set your Time-Zone in iFlyMobi

  • First, log-in to the iFlyMobi application.
  • On the “Welcome” screen, click the “Edit” button in the Profile section.
  • There, you will see a new field for “Time-Zone”. A list of available time zones can be selected from the dropdown.
  • Select the appropriate Time Zone, and click the “Change” button.

Screenshot: Change the Time Zone associated to your iFlyMobi profile for Reporting

We hope that you find this feature helpful! Please contact our team if you have any questions.

Excellent Post on Mobile Shopping

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I just wanted to take a moment to share an excellent article from MediaPost on mobile shopping.

If you are interested in how mobile devices are changing the way that people perform activities related to shopping, this is a must-read article.

It discusses everything from using Apps, to searching on phones, to sending text-messages, viewing mobile websites, and more.

Click here to read the full article >>


Using Augmented Reality to Make A Bike Magazine Interactive

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Grow Socially's Vice President Dena Woerner: an avid biker!We think that Grow Socially’s Vice President Dena Woerner will get a kick out of this story.

As the picture to the left hints at, she’s an avid biker!

And because we are also fans of print and mobile, a story like this combines many of her passions in one story.

If you have a moment, please watch the video below.

This video demonstrates how Mountain Biking UK magazine is making its printed cover interactive thanks to the Aurasma app.

P.S. Feel free to connect with Dena on Twitter!


Mobile and the Offline Shopping Process

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There’s a great video circulating recently of a new product that utilizes mobile and RFID technology to allow people to make purchases. Along with giving people access to products, it charges their account for the items that they took, and it decrements inventory.

Enjoy the video demonstration!

Click here to learn more about how this product works…and how much you can buy it for >>

The Growing Consumption of EMail on Mobile Devices

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Kids consuming data on their phones

In regards to mobile marketing, there is a very important article in the May edition of DMNews.

The title of the article is “Report: Mobile email will overtake webmail and desktop email by June“.  And while that statement may not exactly prove true for you, marketers every where should actively be taking steps to ensure their email efforts are taking in account the growing mobile audience.

There is no doubt that as smartphone ownership levels continue to rise, so will the number of people that choose to consume the majority of their emails on their mobile devices.

Here are three practical things that you can do today to ensure mobile is being included in your email marketing strategies:

If You Are Not Already, Start Measuring Your Website Traffic from the Mobile Audience

If you are using a program such as Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic, start taking a much closer look at the amount of visitors that are using smartphones or tablets.

Even if the number is not huge right now, take a look at the numbers from the preceding months. Is there a trend of increasing growth?

There’s a good chance that the answer will be “yes” to that last question — and that it will continue to rise.

If that proves true for your company, then you must take steps to ensure your email and web content is mobile-optimized.

Test Your Email Layouts on Mobile Devices

You may be in love with your email templates. But if you are only looking at them on your desktop computers or laptops, you will need to adjust your Testing process.

It’s absolutely time to start analyzing how your emails look on smartphones and tablets.

Based on your findings, you may need to make changes to your HTML/CSS, your images, your layout, and perhaps even the amount of text that you include in your emails.

Take Steps to Ensure The Links in Your Emails Point to Mobile-Optimized Pages

While it’s absolutely important to test how your email looks on a mobile device, if it contains links to pages on your website, you should also check to see if that content is ready for the mobile audience.

If you need help creating mobile-optimized web pages, I know of  a great tool that can help you do that!

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Customize the FROM Address on Response Notifications

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One of my favorite features inside of the iFlyMobi application involves setting up data-collection Forms.

What the Forms Feature Does

The Forms feature can be utilized to easily create mobile-optimized surveys, response forms, RSVP pages, and more! I think that it’s very important to include a Form on your mobile website, because it can help you to generate leads and responses from the growing mobile audience.

Once someone responds to a Form on your mobile website, the iFlyMobi application will generate and send a notification email to you (users can actually specify which email addresses will receive the notification email per Form). The notification email will specify which Form was filled out, from which mobile website, and it will include all of the information that the respondent provided.

Customize the Response Notification Email

We recently added a new field to the Forms feature that allows you to customize the FROM address on that notification email.

By default, the email will come from “”.

However, you can specify a different address via the Form setup page inside of the iFlyMobi application. On the “Editing form” page, you will now see a “From email” field.

Simply enter the email address that you want the Notification emails to come from, and click the “Update Form” button.

iFlyMobi screenshot: Specify the FROM email for your Form/Response Notification emails

We hope that you find this feature helpful as you seek to reach and engage with the mobile audience!


Smarter Shopping with Your Phone

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Can a mobile website actually drive sales and increase revenue for your business?

The answer is certainly “yes” — as long as we provide a mobile-optimized interface that contains information that will provide someone will need when they are at that “zero moment of truth” before making a purchase.

The folks at eMarketer recently published this great chart that details the activities that mobile users often take when they turn to their phone for shopping help:

eMarketer chart on how smartphone users rely on their mobile device when it comes to shopping

This chart/report helps to point out a number of activities that involve online content.

The list includes such actions as reading reviews, looking up product specifications, and comparing prices.

When it comes to your mobile website, it certainly may be wise to consider if your content addresses those types of needs.