12 Mobile Predictions from Google

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Is your business in love with mobile?

Is mobile technology being embraced across your various departments — from marketing to customer support to sales to HR, etc.?

Well, Google certainly would like it to be. In a recent post on their Mobile Ads blog, they outlined a number of compelling reasons why companies should invest more resources into the mobile space today.

Also, they outlined 12 predictions of major developments that they expect the world to see in mobile in the months to come.

Read the list and the full article here >>


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How Hard is it to Build a Mobile Website?

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As the number of smartphone owners continues to rise, many companies are starting to look for ways to reach that growing mobile audience. And as that shift happens, marketers everywhere are trying to find answers to their technical questions as quickly as possible.

Well, if you have any questions about how to build a mobile website, we’d love the chance to provide some answers!

On Wednesday, March 14th, we will will presenting a free, online product demonstration of iFlyMobi.

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During the webinar, we will demonstrate how you can:

  • Build professional mobile websites in a matter of minutes
  • Setup mobile-optimized forms, surveys, registrations, lead generation pages, and more
  • Incorporate and track QR Codes on your printed materials
  • Add mobile-detection code to your standard website to redirect the mobile user
  • Rebrand our software to offer it as a full mobile solution to your clients!
  • And more…

We hope to see you there! Registration only takes a few seconds >>


Get Mobile on Direct Marketing Day

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Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk: Conference Logo

On March 15th 2012, our CEO John Foley, Jr. will be speaking during the Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk virtual conference.

This event, which does not require any travel and comes with free registration, promises attendees “up-to-date, essential info about the hottest direct marketing topics”. And as I’m sure you would agree, mobile is certainly one of the hottest topics in the worlds of marketing today!

Click here for more details on the Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Conference >>

Details of John Foley, Jr.’s Presentation

Here are a few details regarding the presentation that John will be delivering:

Date: 3/15/2012

Time: 1:50 to 2:30 PM

Title: QR Codes vs. 2D Codes vs. NFC — How They Work, Why They Don’t and the Suitable Markets for Each

Description: QR Codes and other technologies that link real-world print marketing to the mobile web have been the hottest idea in marketing since DMA 2010, and it went from bake to broil when the U.S. Postal Service ran it’s “Summer Sale” on them last year. Now the USPS is planning to run another summer sale on 2d codes in 2012, but many marketers still have only limited understanding of the technology and viable options for implementing it.

Come to this grounded session to hear the realities of 2D code and NFC usage, including:

  • What’s the difference between a QR Code, Microsoft Tag, SnapTag and NFC (which stands for Near Field Communications, and may be the next big thing on the horizon)?
  • Which technologies are actually being used, and which are just hype?
  • How are they being implemented?
  • Who’s having success with them?
  • What are customers actually responding to and what are they saying about it?
  • What’s the future hold for mobile marketing?

Register for this event today!


Three Ideas for Selling Mobile Websites

John Foley, Jr.
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Mobile Website image

There is no doubt that the world of mobile is creating many opportunities for folks in the marketing and communications industries. Mobile technology has opened up new ways for companies to reach prospects, generate leads, and provide customer support.

For service providers, there is opportunity to help marketers achieve their mobile-related goals.  One area in which this is true is related to mobile websites. As the number of smartphone owners continues to rise, so will mobile web traffic.

The technology to build and provide mobile websites for other companies exists. But how can a print service provider sell this solution to their clients and prospects?

Here are 3 ways to get that conversation going:

As a Service That Complements QR Codes

If you are currently creating, tracking, and/or printing QR Codes for your customers, then you have a tremendous opportunity to engage them in a conversation about mobile websites.

Many of the QR Codes that I see “in the wild” today still point to regular websites that were designed for viewing on a desktop computer or laptop.

This is bad for many reasons! For one, it means that the person who puts forth the effort to scan the QR Code with their smartphone is going to have trouble simply reading the content on the website! Even if you rely on them to tap-and-zoom, chances are that they are going to be less than pleased with their interaction with your company. Big images may cause the site to load slowly, and certain functionality may not work at all (such as Flash).

Since QR Codes are going to be accessed by folks on mobile phones, the value of pointing people to mobile-optimized content should be clear to your clients.

By presenting your ability to provide that service to them easily, it should help you to grow your business!

Also, it should help them to increase the success of their QR Code efforts.

Become the Local Mobile Expert

While there is no doubt that mobile is a very hot topic in the marketing world, there are still many people that are not yet up-to-speed with how it affects their business.

This means that you have the opportunity to aggressively educate your customers, prospects, and other businesses in your local area about items such as mobile websites. If you can position yourself as a thought-leader, your chances of being the ones that they turn to when they realize they have a need should absolutely increase.

This educational effort can be done in a number of ways. Here are a few:

  • Offer to speak about mobile marketing at local Chamber of Commerce events (or similar events that bring together local businesses)
  • Write about it on your company’s website and blog
  • Discuss it in your monthly newsletter
  • Talk about it on your social networks
  • Send direct mail and emails that highlight important mobile statistics… and your services

Set the Example

Of course, one of the best ways to convince someone why they need your services is to walk-the-talk.

If you are going to tell someone that they need a mobile website, then you certainly will want to investigate what it will take to create a mobile website for your own company.

Not only can this help to demonstrate that you truly believe in the importance of “going mobile”, but it also can be a great conversation-started (“Hey! I noticed your website looks different on my phone”) and a way to increase your effectiveness as you seek to reach the growing mobile audience.


Valentine’s Day QR Code

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and perhaps you are stuck looking for a last-minute gift… Or you want to stand out as unique…Or, you’re trying to get the attention of someone that is addicted to their mobile phone.

If any of those things are true, we have a little application that may be able to help you:

Send them a QR Code Valentine message by simply visiting http://ilnk.me/Love2012


Super Bowl Sunday QR Code

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Super Bowl Sunday is just a few days away and here at the interlinkONE office we are MORE than ready for the big game! The past couple of weeks we have worn our favorite New England Patriots gear around the office and if you listen to the chatter in the hallways you will be sure to hear people talking about the big game.

To get ready for the game we decided to create a Super Bowl – themed QR Code. The QR Code directs people to a mobile website that was built using iFlyMobi. The website is full of Super Bowl history, a Super Bowl quiz , game day recipes, and more!

If you are just as excited for the game as we are what are you waiting for?! Take out your smartphone and scan the QR Code below!

Go Patriots!

Mobile is Mainstream

Jason Pinto
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Google image

When Google talks, a lot of people listen.

And for anyone that works in the mobile marketing world right now, that is a good thing. Google is doing a tremendous job of promoting the importance of creating a mobile presence in one’s marketing efforts.

They recently released a new report that studied mobile adoption across some of the major countries in the world. This included the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Japan.

The report provides a number of statistics that all point to this: consumers are shifting to their smartphone to access the internet.

Here were a few of the stats that stood out to me:

  • Smartphone penetration reached 45% in the UK and 38% in the US and France.
  • The percentage of smartphone owners using their device for daily Internet access jumped from 39% to 49% in Germany.
  • More than two-thirds of smartphone users in the US and over half of smartphone users in the UK access the mobile Internet daily.

Learn more about Google’s report here >>


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Is Your Website Ready for the Super Bowl?

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The New England Patriots are ready for the Super Bowl --- is your website?

According to a new report that was shared by MediaPost, nearly 60% of mobile phone users plan to look at or use their phones during this year’s Super Bowl.

As New England Patriots fans, we certainly hope that those folks put down their phones in time to watch our home-team celebrate their victory :-)

But the bottom-line is this: no matter what team we may be rooting for, and whether our company has paid for a Super Bowl advertisement or not, chances our higher than ever that people will be looking at our website on their mobile devices.

There were two more statistics in the article that stood out to me:

  • Eight out of 10 viewers plan to use their mobile devices as much or more than they did during last year’s Super Bowl.
  • Half of all viewers 18+ are expected to check their mobile phones 10 times more.

Is your website ready for that growing mobile audience? If not, we can help!

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Making Money with Mobile

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Thank you to everyone that attended our webinar on “Making Money with Mobile”. If you’d like to review the content, we have two options for you!

Download and Watch the Recording [WMV file] >>

Or, browse through the slides below:

Making Money with Mobile
View more presentations from interlinkONE

Would you like to give iFlyMobi a try? Sign up for a 14-day free trial today!


An Easier Way to Get “Home”

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I just wanted to share news regarding an enhancement that we released today.

In an effort to make the mobile websites that you build with our iFlyMobi application as user-friendly as possible, we have added a “Home” button to each page that you build with our software (excluding your website’s actual “home page”, of course).

The “Home” button now appears in the top-right corner of each page inside of your mobile website. The system will use the color scheme that you have chosen for your mobile website in order to properly draw the button.

Here is a screenshot of how this button looks on the mobile website that we’ve built for interlinkONE.

Mobile Website: Screenshot with the Home button

We hope that you find this feature helpful as you seek to reach the mobile audience!