The Town of Apple Valley Goes Mobile

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Thanks are due to Sam Pulice of Mojave Copy & Printing for sharing this QR Code / mobile website example with us. (Mojave Copy & Printing is an iFlyMobi customer.)

The Story

Screenshot of the Town of Apple Valley's NewsletterThe Town of Apple Valley distributes a printed newsletter to share relevant items to their community.

The newsletter often includes articles regarding local businesses, promotions, recipes, local government and law enforcement, as well as upcoming meetings and events.

Recognizing that the number of smartphone owners continues to grow, they looked for ways to make their printed materials interactive. They wanted to find a way to continue to use traditional media, but also to engage with their mobile audience.

Where could they look for help? Well, Mojave Copy & Printing was able to step in and provide the solution.

Making Print Interactive

Town of Apple Valley: QR Code in their Printed NewsletterMojave Copy & Printing was able to deliver a solution that allowed the Town of Apple Valley to continue to use traditional methods such as print, but also incorporate technology that took advantage of new devices and marketing channels.

The solution primarily involved incorporating QR Codes and mobile websites.

Within their latest newsletter, The Town of Apple Valley included a QR Code, along with news about the launch of their mobile website.

They did a great job of providing incentive on why people would want to visit the mobile website. Here’s what they said:

“Do you recognize this jumble of black squares? It’s a QR, or Quick Response, code. Download a QR code reader on your smart phone, scan the symbol, and you will be taken immediately to our brand new mobile-friendly Town website. Now it’s easier than ever to check out the events calendar, find a phone number for
Town Hall, or view the latest YouTube videos on our channel.

On both the mobile site as well as the traditional website at, easy links take you right to our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. We also have a mobile app for reporting issues like potholes, graffiti or an illegal dump. Snap a photo and submit, and we will do the rest. Just search for “GORequest” for both iPhones and Android.”

Below is a picture of their mobile website. Our hats are off to Mojave Copy & Printing as well as the Town of Apple Valley for doing a great job merging the offline and online worlds!

Town of Apple Valley's Mobile Website - Created with iFlyMobi!


Brand the iFlyMobi Application with your own URL

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Screenshot: Define Your Own URL under the iFlyMobi White Label Program

As smartphone and tablet sales continue to rise, many service providers (printers, mailers, fulfillment houses, agencies, web designers, etc.) are looking for ways to make money by offering mobile marketing solutions to their clients.

iFlyMobi’s White Label Program is designed to assist companies in that regard.

The White Label Program allows a company to re-brand our technology. This is primarily done so that they can allow their clients to log-in to the system and view reports based on the mobile websites and QR Codes that a company is building for them. When the client logs in, they will not see the iFlyMobi name or brand at all.

One aspect of the White Label Program involves letting our customers define a custom URL for accessing the system. This can be used in a number of ways:

  • It can be the URL that you give your customer for where they go to login and view reports on the mobile websites that you’re building for them.
  • It can be the URL that you give to your employees – the ones that create and manage mobile websites for your clients.
  • It is also used as the URL for accessing the mobile websites that you build with our technology and that you host for your clients.

These are just a few of the ways that the White Label Program helps a company to increase the value of the mobile marketing solutions that they are offering.

Would you like to experience those same benefits and more? If so, click here to sign up today!

Visit us at PINE’s Industry Awards Gala

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Poster that promotes iFlyMobi's White Label Program

One of the biggest events in the printing industry in New England is happening on Tuesday night, 11/15.

PINE’s Industry Awards Gala typically attracts quite a crowd… and I’m happy to say that we will be there!

If you will be attending, please swing by the interlinkONE / Grow Socially booth. We would love to chat with you about our mobile marketing solutions.

There has been a great buzz about the recent launch of our White Label Program. If you would like to learn more about it, this event will be a great opportunity for you to get some answers.

We hope to see you there!

Monetize Mobile: Announcing our White Label Program

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We are happy to announce that the iFlyMobi White Label Program is now available to everyone.

Since we’ve launched iFlyMobi, we’ve been quite excited to see hundreds of customers get on board and easily build mobile websites. We have also been able to roll out a number of new features that have proven to be very beneficial for many clients — this includes a Form builder, tools for easily inserting images & videos, and more.

However, we have also heard from a number of users that they needed something else to help them grow their business with mobile websites and QR Codes. They were looking for a way to utilize our functionality but yet still position the output of our tool directly to their clients.

Our White Label program will help you do just that!

Here is a brief overview of what you’ll get with our iFlyMobi White Label Program:

Control Over Branding

You will be able to replace all iFlyMobi branding with your own.  You can upload your own logo. You can change the Powered By message to refer to your Company Name and link to your Company Website.

Also, you can identify which URL will be used when people access the mobile websites that you build.

Allow Your Clients to View Reports

Under the White Label program, you have the ability to create a username and password for each of your client’s. When they login to the system, they will see your branding! Also, they will be able to see any of the mobile websites that you have built for them.

They won’t be able to make any changes to the mobile websites; rather, they’ll be able to view real-time reports and statistics on their mobile website activity.

This feature eliminates the need for your staff to manually run, export, and send reports to clients.

Access to our Sales and Business Development Program

We recognize that the people that sign up for our White Label Program (including marketing services providers, print, mail, and fulfillment service providers, agencies, web design companies, etc.) will be actively selling mobile solutions.

To help support our customers in these efforts, we will be be providing items such as:

  • Monthly Webinars
  • Collateral that can be rebranded
  • Presentations that can be used for sales demos
  • Live/Phone Chat with our Reps
  • And more!

Click Here to Get Started Today!

How PINE Used iFlyMobi to Gather Feedback from an Event

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I recently had the change to attend and participate in the Print Delivers event in Boston, Massachusetts (a.k.a. the home of the 2012 World Series Champions).

During the event, interlinkONE and Grow Socially CEO John Foley, Jr. spoke on the topic of  ”Integrating Print in a Multi-Channel World”. I’m quite happy to report that one of the organizations behind the event — PINE — did a great job of demonstrating how that topic could be implemented.

How PINE Used QR Codes and Mobile

All attendees received a handout that sought to gather their feedback from the event. The goal was to have people fill out the form and hand it to one of the staff before they went home. In addition to providing that option, PINE also provide a way for the growing mobile audience to share their feedback with their smartphone.

At the bottom of the handout, they included a QR Code. It directed people to a mobile website (one that was built with our iFlyMobi application) where they could quickly answer questions and share comments via their phone.

Image of Survey at Print Delivers Boston, included QR Code that linked to a mobile website built in iFlyMobi

I, for one, absolutely preferred to communicate with them in this fashion!

For one, my handwriting is horrible. I would have felt quite bad for the PINE staff member that would have to try to decipher my hand-written feedback. But also, my smartphone was in my hands throughout the entire event. Including the QR Code made it much easier for me to provide my feedback on this conference (one that was superb, indeed).

Apple and the iPhone 4S

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There is no doubt that anticipation was quite high for Apple’s event today. Now that it’s come and gone, it certainly is time to analyze what we learned.

No iPhone 5

Even though there were plenty of rumors going around that Apple might not announce the iPhone 5, there were still plenty of people that expected it. Thus, there are some people that feel disappointed (here’s looking at you, Jaclyn Smith).

However, what Apple did announce in regards to smartphones was that they were releasing the iPhone 4S.

What Does 4S Contain?

While I understand that some people feel slightly disappointed that the iPhone 5 is not here yet, I still think that Apple announced a number of new features and enhancements that are quite exciting. Here are a few of the items that stood out to me:

  • The camera in the iPhone 4 was already amazing to me, but they’ve improved it even more in the 4S. It has an 8 megapixel sensor.
  • I am excited about the Cards app. It sounds very similar to Postagram. Basically, it makes it easy to order a postcard featuring a picture from your phone. and have it printed & mailed.
  • They have integrated Twitter into many of the core iPhone functions.
  • Siri is a virtual personal assistant that will have us all talking into our phones more… but not exactly to talk to other people.
  • There is a new chip inside the phone; graphics can be up to 7 times faster than in the previous iPhone.

What Does 4S Not Contain?

There were a number of things that people hoped to see in the new iPhone that were not announced.

Primarily, this includes 4G support and Near Field Communications (NFC) support.

The lack of NFC support is fairly significant. If that had happened today, it could have quickly changed the worlds of mobile payments, QR Codes, and other technology.

Why Mobile Advertising Should be Discussed in Your Next Marketing Meeting

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There is no doubt that mobile is changing the world of marketing. In fact, after attending the DMA 2011 conference, I would like to report the following (very unscientific) numbers:

  • 85% of all attendees were carrying a smartphone
  • 60% of the exhibitors had QR Codes on signage, collateral, or clothing
  • Nearly every session mentioned how mobile is changing [fill-in-the-blank] (options include: web browsing, social networking, online video, searching, commerce, payments, etc.)

As businesses seek to adjust resources to reach the mobile audience, one item that should be looked at is advertising.

Many companies still spend quite a bit online advertising. But as people shift their web browsing habits from their desktop/laptop to their smartphone, businesses will need to adjust their advertising strategies. They may need to make changes to their creative, their messaging, their data collection process, and their tracking methods.

Will it pay off to make those changes? We will have to wait and see. But that doesn’t mean that companies should not invest in the mobile ad space yet.

eMarketer recently published some statistics and estimates on that subject.

eMarketer chart on mobile advertising

They estimate that “advertisers will spend nearly $1.23 billion on mobile advertising this year in the US, up from $743 million last year.” Also, they project that the number will be $4.4 billion by 2015.

Clearly, as the number of smartphone owners increase, thus will increase the number of people that will no longer see the banner ad that you are paying for on someone’s blog or website. We certainly must be ready to start reaching those people with mobile advertisements and campaigns that will appear on mobile websites.

What happened to the big screen?

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Yes, I am still slightly jealous when I walk into a friend’s house and I see a 72-inch television in their living room. I am slightly jealous that places like theirs will always be the go-to places when it’s time together to watch a big game.

But you know what? For the most part, I am quite content watching videos and TV shows on small screens at my house. Even screens such as the one on my iPhone.

According to a recent report recap from eMarketer, I am certainly not alone. One highlight from the report is that “56% of Gen Y internet users stream video on a weekly basis”… certainly, a lot of that streaming is happening on mobile devices.

Of course, when we look at a chart like this one, a bit of perspective must step in:

Chart on TV watching habits, by device

Yes, the typical TV device still dominates. However, we certainly are all aware that ownership of smartphones and tablets will continue to rise. As that happens, certain generations will become even more familiar and comfortable with watching video on those devices.

Thus, even if your company does not produce online video now, that trend will affect us all. We will need to be sure that all of our online content can be served up in a way that meets the needs of the emerging mobile audience.

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Adding Social Network Links to Your Mobile Website

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Mobile Website with Social Networking Links

When it comes to best practices for a company’s corporate website, most people acknowledge that there should be some form of social network integration.

Whether it’s simply including icons that make people aware that you have a presence on social networks (and let them click through!) or by putting social-sharing buttons on your articles, marketing efforts today can absolutely benefit by having website/social integration.

However, should things be different when it comes to our mobile websites?

Things to Consider

When designing a mobile website, companies often have to make decisions as to what content and features should not be included. This is not necessarily an easy process. From what I’ve seen personally, there are quite a few mobile websites that have excluded any mention of their social networks.

Should we do the same?

The answer is absolutely no. And here’s why — more and more, people are turning to their mobile devices to access and update their social networks.

According to a recent report from comScore, “three of every five smartphone owners age 13 and older accessed social networking or blog destinations on their mobile devices”. We can certainly project that as more and more people become owners of smartphones, the number of folks accessing social networks on those devices will increase as well.

Thus, if we are fortunate enough to have someone access our website with their mobile device, we should recognize the fact that they may certainly be willing to access our social networking pages on their phone as well.

Advancements in Mobile Payments

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There’s a fairly fascinating article on ReadWriteWeb about some of the advancements that MasterCard is pushing in the avenue of mobile payments.

If you have a chance, please read the article here >>

The article mentions applications that include QR Codes, Near Field Communications (NFC), and another technology that would let your phone “listen” for advertisements.