3 Tips For A Better Mobile Marketing Strategy

Lou Cimaglia
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Many companies are intrigued by the idea of mobile marketing, but don’t know where to get started. It all begins with a strategy, and we can help.

Here are three quick tips to get your company on the right track with your mobile efforts.

1. Understand the Different Types of Mobile Marketing

SMS, apps, mobile websites, location-based marketing, QR codes and mobile ads are all different types of mobile marketing you could employ. Saying you are going to “do mobile marketing” will automatically put you at a disadvantage because you’ll be painting with too broad of a brush. At least at first.

It is critical that you have a completely firm grasp of the first avenue you travel down. If you are choosing a mobile website, research all of the best practices and use them. Optimize your site for mobile devices. Include features such as click-to-call, lead capture forms, social network integration, and more.

2. Know Your Audience

As a successful business, you understand your audience and the best ways to reach them. With more and more consumers using mobile to make purchasing decisions, there is an entirely new dimension that you can interact with them in. A mobile presence makes your company easier to search and find on a mobile device. Like the study above suggests, a big part of making the jump to mobile includes convincing yourself. See this as an opportunity to engage your clientele on a more personal level that can encourage more sales and increase your overall marketing efforts.

3. Always Measure

Like any other marketing effort, make sure you are quantifying everything. However you decide to drive traffic to your mobile site – QR codes, personalized URL’s, mobile ads – keep track of what is most effective. It is very easy to get discouraged when your efforts bear no fruit and you aren’t sure where to begin when trying to rectify it. Statistics give you direction and clarity.

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What are people purchasing on their smartphones?

Jason Pinto
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This summer, the USPS is offering a discount to companies that put a QR Code on their mailings. In addition, the QR Code must either point to a mobile-optimized personalized URL/landing page or to a mobile-optimized storefront.

While personalized URLs have been around for a bit, the idea of making a purchase on one’s smartphone is not necessarily a mainstream action.

However, people are doing that in increasing numbers.

Stats on Mobile Commerce

comScore recently published data that indicates how many people are making purchases on their smartphones.

In the 3 months ending with April 2012, 17.4% of U.S. smartphone owners made a purchase on their smartphone.

Also, comScore published a great chart that indicates what people are buying:

comScore Chart: What are people purchasing on their smartphones?

How This Chart Can Help

If you are looking for ways to capitalize on the USPS Mobile Barcode discount program this summer, that chart may prove to be a big help to ensure that your mobile commerce initiatives are a success!

While not everyone is comfortable making a purchase on their smartphone just yet, it’s quite clear that there are certain items that may have a better success rate than others.

Thus, if you are a service provider that is looking for ways to convince your clients to add a QR Code to their mailings, this chart could be used as a sales tool if they happen to sell any of the items that are near the top of the list.

Or, if you happen to sell any of those items directly, you may want to use this chart to determine where you should devote your mobile commerce promotional efforts.

Click here to read the full comScore article >>


Getting Ready for Mobile Search

Jason Pinto
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Magnifying Glass - creative commons image

Why should you have a mobile website?

Well, here’s one reason.

As this article points out, there are are a growing number of people that are searching for online content on their mobile devices.

In fact, Yahoo estimates that 20% of its search traffic will come from mobile devices before the end of 2012.

Read the full article here >>


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What Would A Facebook Phone Mean To Mobile?

Lou Cimaglia
Posted on in News

As we know it today, the smartphone market is dominated by two goliaths: Android and iOS. Aside from myself, I don’t know many people who have a Windows phone.

With this entire industry practically controlled by a duopoly, who would be daring enough to try and break through?

A little company called Facebook. That’s who.

The social networking behemoth has been quietly working on a smartphone, much to the chagrin of the tech world. Critics have opined that it would be a wasted venture for Mark Zuckerberg and company. A post on news.cnet.com says the push for a phone is simple: Facebook needs more cash.

An article on pcworld.com says, “Looking at the cost and resources needed to develop smartphones, it is difficult to see how the sums add up to favor Facebook, particularly when the current state of the smartphone market is factored in.”

But let’s take a different stance on this. What if the Facebook Phone is successful? Perhaps the market will be so saturated with iPhones and Androids that a new option may see decent sales numbers. What could this phone do to the landscape of the mobile industry? First, it would be an unprecedented level of integration with social media and smartphones. Second, as already alluded to, this phone could be incredibly cheap. Facebook and Google are the only companies on earth with an advertising base expansive enough to subsidize an effort like this.

2013 is the target date for this project. Whether or not Facebook’s ambition pays off remains to be seen. Regardless, Apple, Android and the rest of the mobile Mount Rushmore will be keeping a close eye on the developments.


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How to Remove Test Sites That You’ve Built in iFlyMobi

Jason Pinto
Posted on in General

Testing Sign: from http://www.flickr.com/photos/85853333@N00/3063985283/

The other day, our customer support department received the following question via our Live Chat feature:

“I’ve created a number of mobile websites for testing purposes only. I did that to learn a bit more about how to use your mobile website builder. I’m ready to start building real mobile websites now. But the test sites are counting against my page limit. How do I remove them?”

The answer to that is quite simple.

Here’s how to delete mobile websites and pages from the iFlyMobi application:

  • Log-in to the iFlyMobi application
  • Click on the “My Websites” button
  • Then, you will see a list of all of the websites that you have built.
  • Scroll down and find one that you’ve built for testing purposes only.
  • To the right of that website’s name, you will see a set of “Action” buttons.
  • Simply click the “Delete” button for that website.

Upon taking and confirming that you want to delete that website and its pages, your iFlyMobi account will be instantly updated, including the numbers that you have available based on your monthly plan.

We hope that you find this tip helpful!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team.

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The Mobile Web is an Influential Touchpoint

Jason Pinto
Posted on in Inspiration

Marketers often seek to be on the leading-edge of using technologies and channels that could help them communicate with their customers and prospects.

But in the case of mobile, end-user adoption of smartphones and tablets is happening at such as fast rate, that many businesses are now scrambling to catch up.

If you find yourself in the situation where mobile is still low on the priority list of your marketing efforts, then this chart from eMarketer may help to change that:

eMarketer: Chart on how the Mobile Web is an Influential Touchpoint

Yes, as seen in the results of the survey referenced by the chart, the mobile web is already an influential touchpoint for a quarter of your customers.

Are you taking enough steps to ensure that you’re exerting influence over the growing mobile audience today?

If not, we can help!

Sign up for a free 14-day trial of iFlyMobi and see how easy it is to build mobile websites.


Mobile, SMS, Espresso, and Edible Ink

Jason Pinto
Posted on in General

As someone that has a fairly sizable caffeine addiction, and that is surrounded by chatter about printing and mobile most of the day, I certainly became a huge fan of this product as soon as I saw the video:

The video demonstrates how the Textspresso machine accepts SMS/text-messages that place orders for a drink. Then, it’s able to print a personalized message in edible ink on the top of the espresso.

Learn more about this product on Springwise >>


Getting Ready for Near Field Communications (NFC)

Jason Pinto
Posted on in General

In the world of marketing, especially in the mobile space, technology advancements are happening ever before.

One area that we are enjoying keeping an eye on is Near Field Communications (NFC). While we are huge fans of QR Codes, NFC certainly appears to have the potential to be a better alternative in some cases.

In this video, I had the chance to sit with interlinkONE’s CEO John Foley, Jr. to discuss the basics of what NFC is, what it might mean for businesses, and what it might mean for consumers.

Customize the Time-Zone for your Mobile Website Reporting

Jason Pinto
Posted on in News

Since the release our iFlyMobi application, it has been quite exciting to see how word has spread about what our mobile website builder can do! For example, we are thrilled that we have customers throughout the world using our tools to reach the growing mobile audience with online content that is optimized for mobile devices.

To support our growing customer-base, we have been working on enhancements to provide them with a more “local” experience when it comes to our application.

In line with that, I’m happy to share the news that iFlyMobi users can now customize the Time-Zone that is used to build the reports inside of our application.

How to Set your Time-Zone in iFlyMobi

  • First, log-in to the iFlyMobi application.
  • On the “Welcome” screen, click the “Edit” button in the Profile section.
  • There, you will see a new field for “Time-Zone”. A list of available time zones can be selected from the dropdown.
  • Select the appropriate Time Zone, and click the “Change” button.

Screenshot: Change the Time Zone associated to your iFlyMobi profile for Reporting

We hope that you find this feature helpful! Please contact our team if you have any questions.