Mobile Websites and Consumers

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Why should you care about the people that are visiting your website on their phone?

Well, according to this recent post on Bloomberg’s Tech Blog, people that are searching and accessing websites on their phone may be quite close to actually making a purchase.

The article mentions a recent survey that was conducted by Nielsen. The main statistic that caught my attention was this one: “87 percent of users searching for restaurants on their mobile phones and tablets planned to make a purchasing decision the same day.”

The percentages were certainly lower for people that were searching for information on Travel or Automobiles, but they were still fairly significant.

If it’s your job to drive qualified leads or to generate sales for your business, then hopefully statistics like this help to push your mobile website needs into a reality!

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Google’s Mobile Search Enhancements and You

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Magnifying Glass image and YOU: Via CompFightThere is no doubt that Google recognizes the importance of taking steps to reach the growing mobile audience.

The latest proof of this comes in the form of this post from Google’s Inside Search blog.

Within the blog post, we learn that Google is rolling out some fairly significant changes to improve its mobile search features (you can read all about them here). If you end up using Google on your smartphone in the days and weeks to come, you will no doubt benefit from them.

But more importantly, the question is this — is your company also taking steps to improve its online content and presence for the mobile audience?

Inspired by Google’s changes, here are 3 areas to focus on when it comes to optimizing our online content:


When it comes to converting a standard, desktop-based website into a mobile version, we have to be willing to make cuts.

We have to reduce the amount of text we use, the size (and amount) of our images, as well as the number of links.

That often is easier said than done — primarily, because we often take pride in the content and story that we share on our regular website.

But the bottom-line is this: will all of those words and pictures truly help the mobile user to find what they need when they are looking at your business on their phone?

By simplifying the message that we display on the mobile site, we will most likely deliver exactly what’s needed and increase our conversion rate.


Smartphones are certainly used for a whole lot more than making phone calls (in some cases, they are used for almost anything BUT phone calls). What this means for marketers is that people have more options and items to distract them than ever before.

If our website fails to load on their phone in an extremely timely fashion, we certainly risk losing them to another website, another social network, another game, another message, etc.

We must truly be sure that that the images and videos we decide to display on our mobile websites truly are essential to accomplishing our business objectives.


Mobile websites must do more than just display properly on a smartphone’s screen — they must also provide an interactive experience to the website visitor that in turn helps our sales team.

One of the best ways to do is this by including mobile-optimized forms.

Whether it’s a form to download a White Paper, to submit a Contact Us inquiry, to make a reservation, etc., interactive elements on a mobile website can help us to truly meet business goals and objectives.

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Olympics and the Impact on Mobile Search

Jason Pinto
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Google released a new report this week that highlights the growing usage of mobile devices during online search activities.

Specifically, the report highlights statistics of mobile search queries that occurred during the first two days of the Olympics, July 27th-28th.

Google shared this infographic to support the statistics:

Infographic from Google: On the Olympics and its impact on mobile search

Are You Ready for Mobile Search?

As the number of mobile device owners continues to rise, so will the number of mobile search queries.

Is your website or landing page ready to handle that?

Give us a call today at 978-694-9992 to learn how we can help you to mobile-optimize your online content!

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Save Time with our Copy Forms Feature

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The other day I had a great meeting with our customer support team. They’ve certainly been busy lately due to an influx of new customers and the launch of new features.

But when I asked them what they most wanted to say talked about on the Blog, they said this: “The Copy Forms feature”!

So, to keep them happy — and to save you some valuable time as you build mobile websites — here it is.

The Copy Forms Feature

The Forms feature inside of iFlyMobi is certainly one of the most important compontents for many of our customers.

It’s great to have a site that looks and functions properly for mobile users, but for a business to truly achieve success, they need to capture data from that mobile audience as well.

We noticed that as users were building multiple mobile websites (whether for themselves or for their clients), they were often creating forms that appeared very similar to ones they’ve built in the past.

The reason for this was very practical — most websites need a Contact Us form or a Newsletter Sign-up form.

Our users were doing this by manually setting up the same fields time and time again. Thus, to help save users valuable time and resources, we built the “Copy Forms” function.

How the Feature Works

Here are the instructions for using the Copy Forms feature:

  • Log-in to the iFlyMobi application.
  • Click on the “My Forms” button.
  • Find the Form that you’d like to copy. To the right of the Form name, click on the “Copy Form” button.
  • Then, you will be brought to the New Forms page. However, all of the data — including Lead Routing emails, Thank You page text, and Questions/Answers — will be pre-populated for you. Thus, you can simply adjust the Form as necessary.

iFlyMobi Mobile Website Builder: Screenshot of Copy Forms feature

We hope that you find this feature helpful as you seek to reach and engage with the mobile audience!


QR Code Generation for Each of your Mobile Website Pages

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There are certainly many ways that people might be directed to your mobile website. It could be via a link in an SMS/Text message, or perhaps mobile redirection code that you’ve placed on your website to handle visits from smartphones. It also could be from a QR Code.

Within the iFlyMobi application, a QR Code is automatically generated for each mobile website that you produce.

You can download the hi-res EPS file that our system produces, incorporate it into your printed materials, and then start reaching the mobile audience!

But did you also know that the iFlyMobi application generates a QR Code for each page within your mobile website?

How to Use This Feature

Here’s how you can access the QR Codes that are generated for specific pages:

  • Log in to the iFlyMobi application.
  • Click the “My Websites” button, then click on the appropriate website.
  • In the “Pages” section, click on the name of the Page that you’d like to get a QR Code for.
  • There, you will be see a QR Code for that specific page in the top-right.

iFlyMobi's Mobile Website Builder: Screenshot of the QR Code that is produced for Pages

Examples of How You Might Use This

There are a few reasons why you might find this feature beneficial.

For example, let’s say that you’ve built a mobile website for your restaurant. If you’d like to direct mobile users that are viewing a sign outside your business to your Menu page, you could grab the QR Code for that page specifically, and then put it to use.

Also, let’s say that you are going to run a Print Advertisement for a specific product. Rather than pointing the QR Code to the home page of your mobile website, you could point them directly to the page regarding that product.

We hope that you find this feature helpful as you look for ways to reach the growing mobile audience!


Major Enhancements Released: Drag and Drop, Image Upload, And More

Jason Pinto
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I am quite happy to share the news that we have released some major enhancements to iFlyMobi, our mobile website builder application.

Over the past few months, our team worked very hard to simplify the process of building mobile websites. We are quite excited for you to see what we’ve released!

Drag and Drop Functionality

We have added a new option for building pages for your mobile website. With our new Drag and Drop functionality, users can easily position various elements and functions onto their mobile website pages.

Simply click on one of the green buttons in the “Add New Content” section, drag it over to the phone, and then customize it to fit your needs!

iFlyMobi Application: Screenshot of the Drag and Drop interface

Upload Unlimited Images for Individual Pages

Through the Drag and Drop interface, users have the option to add as many images as they’d like to the Pages inside of their mobile website.

Through the classic page builder interface, users could enter a URL for images. But the Drag and Drop function makes that process much easier! Users now simply choose to upload an image from their computer, select the appropriate sizing and alignment options, and then insert their image onto the page.

iFlyMobi Application Screenshot: Easily upload your own images during the mobile website building process

Easily Change the Layout of Your Mobile Pages

With our new Drag and Drop functionality, users can now customize the design and layout of their mobile website pages!

Simply click on the element that you’d like to move and then drag it to your preferred position!

For example, would you like to place an image above the Page Header? You can do that now! Would you like to delete the “Share This?” button or the website banner image from a specific page? You can do those things now as well.

This new level of customization enables you to build mobile website pages with more design flexibility than ever before!

Video Demonstration

We truly are excited about the benefits that our customers will receive by building mobile websites with our latest features.

To help demonstrate what’s possible now, we’ve put together a brief (but exciting!) video.

Here is a video that highlights some of the key features and benefits of our recent enhancement release:

Are you ready to get started?

We hope that you enjoy these new features!

If you are an existing user, simply log into the iFlyMobi application today to start using the new enhancements.

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A New Look At Your Fridge With NFC

Lou Cimaglia
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For you Near Field Communication (NFC) buffs out there, the impressive technology is in the news once again. Turkcell, a mobile network operator in Turkey, “has launched a mobile home shopping service that works in conjunction with an NFC phone and a fridge magnet, enabling customers to place online orders with a variety of merchant partners,” according to

The owner of the phone can tap the magnet on the fridge, which will allow them to see all participating markets right on their phone. Then the user can select which foods they need, while standing right in front of the fridge.

“Then, says Turkcell, “”the merchant and products that wanted to be ordered, as well as the address details and payment option are selected to complete the transaction. The application is server based so all product details can be changed over-the-air in real time.”

Which companies are participating in this cutting edge practice? For starters, Burger King. This indicates that other large chains may soon follow suit.

Interested in keeping up to date with developments in the world of NFC? Make sure to connect with iFlyMobi on Facebook and Twitter!

Did you make it to the end of this post and you’re still wondering what NFC is? We can help explain that! Check out this overview and video from John Foley, Jr. and Jason Pinto >>


The Mobile Minute: Using QR Codes In Event Promotion

Jason Pinto
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Welcome to the first edition of the “Mobile Minute“. On a weekly basis, we are going to share a video that demonstrates various ways that mobile can be used to help you reach your business and marketing objectives.

In the video below, I had the chance to highlight how QR Codes and mobile websites can be used to promote a conference, trade show, or another type of event.

As you can see, the video highlights how the folks at NAPL and MFSA are using QR Codes and mobile websites to promote their Mergers and Acquisitions conference. I think they’ve done a great job of integrating print and mail with mobile to provide more compelling content to the growing number of smartphone owners.

I hope that you find this video beneficial as you look for ways to incorporate mobile into your marketing mix.

Disclosure: NAPL and MFSA are customers. The mobile website demonstrated in this video was built by them with our application.


Nearly 1/2 Of Smartphone Users Access Mobile Web Multiple Times Daily

Lou Cimaglia
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Edison Research has released a slew of new statistics on the smartphone population. Incredibly, the numbers only get more impressive as the years pass by. Here are some of the highlights:

  • -The percentage of Americans who own a smartphone is now 44%, or half of all Americans who own a mobile phone.
  • -46% of smartphone owners browse the internet on their devices “several times per day.”
  • -More than one-third of smartphone owners visit social networking sites on their phone “several times per day.”
  • -Three in ten smartphone owners plug their phones in to their cars to listen to Internet radio.

Is your website optimized for smartphones? If not, these statistics may jolt you into action.

New Mobile Browsing Stats

Lou Cimaglia
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New stats released by Pew Research reveal that, “17% of cell phone owners do most of their online browsing on their phone, rather than a computer or other device.”

These stats only point further towards the internet’s continued companionship with mobile access. More people are not just using the web on their phone, they are using it exclusively on their phone. What’s more, these statistics are backed up by the reasoning of these mobile users. The majority of these users say the mobile web works for them because it is more convenient. In fact, 38% of users cite convenience as the biggest draw of the mobile web. And 23% say they use phones because they are omnipresent.

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