Customize Your Mobile Site

Tom Barry
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On sales calls, I often get the question, “Can I keep my mobile site in line with my desktop site, in terms of branding?”

My answer to that is simple and consistent – don’t fix it if it ain’t broken! Unless you are ready for a total redesign of your website, your branding should be consistent on all channels.

Keep your logo and colors consistent!

Get crazy about measuring data – track analytics to know what content you need.

Think practically, be relevant with mobile, and have some fun with it!

If you’re looking for practical ways to use mobile give us a call at (978)674-8080 or send us a tweet at @iFlyMobi!

Webinar Tomorrow- Last Chance To Sign Up!

Tom Barry
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Tomorrow, I will be hosting a 30 minute webinar on the iFlyMobi product, and how mobile websites can elevate your business at 2 pm, EST.

I’ll tell you all you need to know about mobile websites, including:

Building Sites

Marketing With QR Codes

Selling Sites

White Label

And More!

There is still time to sign up! Click here to reserve your seat.

Connect with me on Twitter! Let’s talk mobile.


MBTA Goes Mobile

Lou Cimaglia
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Our friends over at Boston Innovation posted an article this week about the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) plans to adopt mobile ticketing, which will help cut down on lines and waiting.

Living here in the Boston area, we have all been subjected to long T lines after various events around town. This advancement aims to eliminate that.

According to the MBTA website, “…customers on four MBTA Commuter Rail Lines, north and west of Boston, will be able to use their smartphones instead of paper tickets to ride the train. Under this first-in the nation mobile ticketing program, customers will be able to purchase tickets and passes using the MBTA mTicket app for iPhone and Android devices wherever they are. The tickets are displayed on the phone’s screen as a digital ‘flash pass’ or encrypted barcode. The system uses the JustRide mobile ticketing platform from Masabi US Ltd.”


Study: Smartphone Penetration Hits 51%

Lou Cimaglia
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A study from comScore, published here on November 5, says that smartphone penetration has reached 51% of the market. Depending on demographics, this is somewhat of an imperfect number. Nonetheless, it is still important.

More than half of our cell phones are of the smart variety.

And most of those are Android. According to the article:

“On a worldwide basis, Android owns over 75% of the market in recently purchased smartphones. According to comScore, the U.S. picture is less lopsided. Google has a 52.5% share as of September, compared to Apple’s 34.3%. RIM’s nosedive continues predictably with a 8.4% share (-2.3 point in a quarter). And Microsoft’s costly charge into the mobile market continues to underwhelm, with a 3.6% share.”

The article goes on to say that over 75% of all Americans are using SMS, 54% use apps and 52% use a mobile browser.  Mobile social networking is at just about 40%. These numbers are very impressive, and need to be heeded by marketers.

How does your business plan on reaching this massive population?

Do you want to learn more about how you can reach this rapidly growing mobile audience? Register for our webinar on 11/15 - John Foley and Tom Barry will be discussing how to create, manage and sell mobile websites for your business and your clients. It’s free and is only 30 minutes long, but could be the key to your business succeeding in the mobile sphere.

11/15 Webinar Announcement: iFlyMobi Product Demo

Lou Cimaglia
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On November 15, at 2:00 pm EST, Tom Barry will be hosting a 30-minute webinar on iFlyMobi product demonstration.

“This product demo webinar will be focused on educating our audience on best practices and ways to use iFlyMobi and QReate and Track to make the most of your mobile marketing experience,” said Tom.

“We will cover everything from building mobile websites to selling them, as well as using QR codes to enrich your marketing efforts.”

Click Here To Register

This will be the first installment of a monthly webinar series on interlinkONE and Grow Socially updates that can help grow your business.

The third Thursday of every month will feature a product demonstration on one of the interlinkONE  and Grow Socially family’s many marketing tools.

The first Monday of every month will feature discussions on new marketing topics such as mobile, social media, QR codes, and much, much more.


Holiday Shopping Predictions

Lou Cimaglia
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With Halloween now behind us, the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season is underway.

A post on has outlined some of the trends they predict to see this holiday season. Many of the numbers are going to see considerable jumps this year as a result of the more widespread usage of smartphones and other mobile devices.

The article refers to these types of shoppers as having an “omnichannel” presence. These shoppers, “who plan to use computers, mobile devices and stores to complete purchases, will spend $600 for gifts on average, about 71% more than store-only shoppers, who will spend $350.”

The article goes on to illustrate a direct correlation between mobile consumers and higher amounts of money spent on gifts. Additionally, 67% of shoppers will research products online before making a purchase.

63% of shoppers expect to spend more this year than last.

To all those businesses out there, this should be a catalyst for mobile change. Is your site mobile-optimized? Equipped with e-commerce capabilities?

Now is the time to prepare! Come Black Friday, shoppers will be out in full force. And it will be their smartphones that are leading the way.

Your company can reach these mobile audiences. This is how.


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Is Your Business Card Memorable?

Katie Sadlier
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iFlyMobi Card

When you leave your office to attend a speaking engagement, networking event, conference/trade show, business meeting, or anything of the like, what do you always make sure to bring with you?

Unless you are Brad Pitt, who could never be mistaken or easily forgotten, your answer would most certainly be, “My business cards.” Business cards are arguably the most widely used marketing tool. They are fairly inexpensive to produce, very easy to stick in your pocket, and commonly accepted by the public as a non-intrusive form of marketing.

But what makes your business card stand out from the pack?

Let us say that you have invested the time to ensure that your business cards have a great design and color scheme, include an image of you, present all of your contact information, and include all of your social media links. This, unfortunately for you, no longer distinguishes you from the competition like it may have in the past. There is still hope though! Early adopters are now pushing the envelope by creating and incorporating an online business card into their hard-copy business cards.

Creating an online business card is a simple and speedy process, but one that shows a certain level of innovation on your part. iFlyMobi makes it very easy to have a mobile presence integrated with your traditional business card. Our program allows for you to generate a customized QR code that redirects to your mobile business card upon scanning.

Your mobile-optimized card can contain your picture, contact information, social networks, click-to-call phone number, a biography filled with text, videos and pictures, and much more. Your prospects may receive countless paper business cards, but they won’t have many of those cards right on their smartphone.

Interested in learning more about a mobile business card? Find out how we can help you TODAY!

And be sure to follow iFlyMobi on Twitter for more updates from the world of mobile technology.

Customer Tip: View Page-Level Detail in Mobile Website Reports

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When it comes to a company’s mobile website, it certainly makes sense that there would be less pages than in a traditional, desktop-based website.

However, that does not mean that standard website reporting analysis should not be done.

It’s very important to recognize which Pages are attracting traffic and which path visitors are taking when they are on your mobile website.

To help make it easy for our customers to do this, we provide a couple of key options.

One option is to easily integrate Google Analytics tracking on your mobile website.

But users can also get this valuable data from right within the iFlyMobi application.

Accessing Page-Level Data in Our Reports

If you’d like to see which Pages are being visited within your mobile website, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Log-in to the iFlyMobi Application.
  • Click on the “My Websites” button.
  • To the right of each Website that is listed, you will see a set of buttons. Click the “View” button that is under the “Reports” column.
  • You will initially see the “Report Dashboard”. Click the “View” button one of the available time-periods. (Screenshot below)iFlyMobi application screenshot: Report Dashboard: Click the View button to drill-down to see page-level data.
  • On that report, you will see a list of all hits to your mobile website. In addition to seeing information such as the Date/Time of the hit, you will also see the Page Name that was viewed. iFlyMobi application: Screenshot of Report Showing Page-Level Hits for mobile websites

Moving Forward

We certainly will continue to develop and release further enhancements to our reporting functionality.

In order to further analyze the website traffic data that you currently have access to, you may find that it’s beneficial to Export the results.

Then, in a program such as Excel, you can create and run formulas that may help you to generate summaries by page, or perhaps to uncover trends.

We hope that you find this feature helpful as you look for ways to best reach the growing mobile audience.

If you have any questions, please contact our team today!


Easily Add a Map to Your Mobile Website

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Image from Compfight: Driver is lost and looking at a map -- but nowadays, they'll be looking for help on your mobile website!

Imagine for a second that you’re looking for a restaurant this weekend. You’re meeting important people there at a very specific time.

But the problem is this — you can’t find where it is. You’re walking or driving around aimlessly. There doesn’t seem to be a great option on the street to ask someone for  help.

What do you do?

Well, for most of us, we now turn to our smartphones. Perhaps we Google the name of the restaurant and click on their mobile site. Do we find what we’re looking for (A map? Directions?) as quickly as possible?

Time to Turn the Tables

Let’s say that your the one that owns the restaurant. Does your mobile website make it easy for people to  find what they need?

Well, if you’re using the iFlyMobi application to build your mobile website, it’s now easier than ever to make a Map and Directions accessible.

Via the option buttons available in our “Add New Content” section, users now easily utilize the Google Map feature.

Below is a screenshot from our system:

iFlyMobi application screenshot - Easily add a map to your mobile website

Simply drag and position where you’d like the Map to appear on your mobile website. Then, input the address and hit the “Update Block” button.

The iFlyMobi application will do the rest of the work for you! It will draw a map icon that links directly to the Map application on the person’s phone. This way, they can quickly access the directions that they need at exactly the right time.

If you have any questions about this feature, please feel free to contact our team!

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Succeed with Mobile at Graph Expo

Jason Pinto
Posted on in General, News

From October 7th through the 10th, we will be exhibiting at the Graph Expo conference in Chicago.

In the video below, our sales executive Katie Sadlier discusses some of the items that we’ll be demonstrating at the show:

If you’d like to learn how the iFlyMobi product can help you to grow your business, then please visit us at Booth 1071 in the Marketing Pavilion.

Attendees will have the chance to get an in-depth look at our White Label Program, our easy-to-use interface for building mobile websites, our mobile Form/Survey builder, and more!

We hope to see you in Chicago!