Early Reviews of the iPhone 5

Lou Cimaglia
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Everyone is weighing in on the new iPhone 5 these days after its recent release. We have scoured the internet looking for all of the opinions on the shiniest smartphone on the market – here is a compilation of some of the best.


“This is not a phone you will want to put a case on. Okay, yes, many people will understandably want to protect their new phones from scratches and nicks. But this is a device you want to keep bare so that its beautiful aluminum and glass body is visible.”

ABC News – Sept. 21

“But we’ve talked enough about how it works in the hand. How does it look? Fantastic, frankly. The iPhone 4S already has one of the best displays on the market with regard to things like pixel density, brightness and contrast, and the iPhone 5 brings that up another notch — and not just because it has an additional 176 rows of pixels.”

Endgadget – Sept. 18

New Features

“This phone will make your home Wi-Fi look bad. Or at least, it did that to mine. Owners of other 4G LTE phones won’t be shocked, but iPhone owners making the switch will start noticing that staying on LTE versus Wi-Fi might actually produce faster results…of course, at the expense of expensive data rates. I hopped off my work Wi-Fi and used AT&T LTE in midtown Manhattan to make a FaceTime call to my wife because the former was slowing down. LTE, in my tests, ran anywhere from 10 to 20Mbps, which is up to twice as fast as my wireless router’s connection at home.”

CNET – Sept. 18

“David Pogue, at the New York Times, identifies the three factors that have made the iPhone a success — design, components and compatibility — and says that while the iPhone 5 excels at the first two, its new connector, which makes older docks and chargers obsolete, takes away points in the compatibility department. (Pogue does point out, however, that the new connector is smaller, sturdier and easier to use than the old one, because it doesn’t matter which side is up when you plug it in.)”

NBC News – Sept. 19

“Apple says that the iPhone 5 will deliver “up to” 8 hours of talk time or LTE Internet use on a charge. I didn’t attempt to verify this. But in a week with the phone, I found that I could get through one day — but not two — on a charge. That’s the same ballpark as the iPhone 4S’s 3G connection (which is sometimes dubbed “4G” by irrationally exuberant carriers).

Time – Sept. 18

“The biggest drawback I found is the new Maps app. Apple has replaced Google Maps with a new maps app of its own. This app has one huge advantage over the iPhone version of Google Maps — it now offers free, voice-prompted, turn-by-turn navigation.

But the app is in other ways a step backward from the familiar Google app. For instance, while Apple’s maps feature a 3-D “Flyover” view of some central cities, they lack Google’s very useful ground-level photographic street views. And they also lack public-transit routing. Apple will instead link you to third-party transit apps.”

All Things D – Sept. 18

“In the year since Siri became a household name on the 4S, Apple’s chatty voice assistant has come a long way. She can now open apps upon request. She can deliver sports scores, movie trivia, compose your Facebook status and help you make a dinner reservation. Siri’s still not perfect, however. When I asked her to “recommend a good Chinese restaurant” she responded with a list of Chinese restaurants with the name “Good” in them. But Siri outperformed a similar feature on the Galaxy in my tests.”

USA Today – Sept. 18


How-To: Upload Images to the Pages in your Mobile Website

Jason Pinto
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This “How-To” tip was submitted by the great folks in our Customer Support department!

Through the Drag and Drop interface of our mobile website building application, users have the option to add as many images as they’d like to the Pages inside of their mobile website.

Users can simply to upload an image from their computer, select the appropriate sizing and alignment options, and then insert their image onto the page.

Here are the steps for taking advantage of that feature:

Step 1: Select the “Image” option button

Below is a screenshot of some of the options available in the Add New Content section of the mobile website builder. Simply click on the “Image” button. A new area will automatically be added to your mobile website. You can move that area wherever you’d like on the page.

Screenshot from iFlyMobi's Mobile Website Builder: Select an Action Button

Step 2: Upload Your Image

Within the Edit Content screen, you have the option to easily upload the image that you’d like to place on the mobile website.

Once the image has been uploaded, you can also control the alignment and size via the additional optional fields.

iFlyMobi Application Screenshot: Easily upload your own images during the mobile website building process

We hope that you find this tip helpful as you look for ways to reach the growing mobile audience!

If you have any questions or trouble, please contact our team today >>


New Google Study Reveals Mobile Impact

Lou Cimaglia
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A new study released by Google entitled “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-platform Consuming Behavior” analyzes how we interact with multiple screens daily, including smartphones, computers, tablets and televisions.

The most impressive portion of this study resides in the revelatory statistics pertaining to the mobile world. “90% of consumers begin a task on one device and then complete it on another device. Smartphones are by far the most common starting point for this sequential activity,” the study says.

“Additionally, the study looked at how consumers treat content differently on each medium,” notes an article on mobilemarketer.com.

A representative from Google quoted in the Mobile Marketer article says it is crucial for marketers to understand the importance of “sequential viewing.”

“With sequential screening it’s critical that businesses make the user experience as seamless as possible across devices,” said Dai Pham, marketing manager of mobile ads at Google, Mountain View, CA. “For example, if a customer starts shopping on her mobile phone, is the Web site mobile-friendly and could she easily continue her shopping on a computer? Saved shopping carts and sign-in experiences helps keep consumers engaged, regardless of the device used to get to you.”

This is yet another reminder that mobile is an absolutely essential part to any marketing strategy. Being able to integrate mobile platforms with existing channels is necessary, because your audiences are already engaging in this practice.

For more information on how to create your mobile presence, contact us today!

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Are you ready for Content Marketing World?

John Foley, Jr.
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Content Marketing World 2012: Banner - Our CEO John Foley, Jr. is one of the speakers.

Well, the countdown is on!

In just a few days, I will be packing up my things and driving to the airport as I make my way to Content Marketing World 2012!

I am absolutely in awe of the incredible list of speakers and attending companies that I’ve had the chance to see. I really think that Joe Pulizzi (and his staff, or course!) is about to put on one of the best events of the year.

If you will be there too, I am absolutely looking forward to getting the opportunity to meet you.

I’d also love to invite you to attend my presentation (Yes, I am humbled to be on the list of speakers for this event!). The slides will be informative and entertaining… and they will also address one of the hottest topics in the world of marketing today: mobile.

Here are the details:

Presentation Title: Mobile and Tablet Content Distribution

Date: Thursday, September 6th

Time: 10:30am

Presentation Description (via the Content Marketing World website):

There is no doubt that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are changing the way that people consume information. The speed at which people are purchasing those items and making them part of their daily routines is happening faster than most marketers are prepared for! In this presentation, John Foley, CEO of interlinkONE and Grow Socially, will provide an overview of what needs to be done to prepare, deliver, and measure content that is tailored for the mobile audience.

John will cover items such as:

  • How to develop a strategy to reach your mobile audience
  • Options for building mobile websites, landing pages, blogs, and more
  • Best practices for integrating mobile with other distribution channels, such as print and email
  • Considerations regarding building a mobile App vs. a mobile website
  • And more!

I hope that you will join me as we all look for ways to reach the growing mobile audience!

Click here for more information on Content Marketing World 2012 >>

See you soon!

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Catch John Foley, Jr. at Graph Expo 2012!

Jason Pinto
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Graph Expo 2012 Logo: interlinkONE and Grow Socially are exhibiting at this event, and our CEO John Foley, Jr. is delivering multiple presentations.

With Graph Expo just several weeks away, there is a lot of excitement brewing at the interlinkONE and Grow Socially office at 21 Concord Street.

We will be exhibiting in the Marketing Pavilion at Booths 1071 and 1072. We’d love to see you there!

But one of the biggest items that we’d like to share with you today involves this news — our CEO John Foley, Jr. will be delivering TWO of the educational Graph Expo seminars!

We wanted to share this news with you as quickly as possible because registration is required for these events. Here are the details of the two seminars that John will be presenting:

Mastering the Triad: Social Media, SEO & Your Website

Date: Monday, October 8th
Time: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

You Will Learn:

  • Why SEO is critical to your company’s success
  • How to identify which keywords and types of content drive the best website traffic
  • Steps for creating an effective social media strategy
  • Ways to determine which social networks you should be on today
  • How to turn your website into a lead-generating machine

Register Here >>

The Cloud and Mobile Demystified: Good For YOUR Business?

Date: Tuesday, October 9th
Time: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

You Will Learn:

  • Everything you need to know about cloud-computing – the Pros and Cons
  • How to identify if your daily business activities could be improved by using the Cloud
  • The tools that you need to effectively incorporate mobile into your business
  • Ways to use mobile to generate leads and provide customer service

Register Here >>

This year’s Graph Expo promises to be one of the busiest and best events of the year. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you have any questions about these events, our Booth plans, or if you’d like to make an appointment to meet with our team at Graph Expo, please just let us know.


Mobile Marketing to Kids at the Dinner Table

Lou Cimaglia
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Picture of kids at the dinner table: Image via Compfight.com

The Daily Meal recently posted an article about the American family restaurant becoming “ground zero of the digital marketing revolution.”

Marketers, the article says, are tuned into the fact that “kids glued to their smartphones at the dinner table are, like it or not, a common sight at family restaurants.”

Random House is sponsoring children’s menus that will sport QR codes in restaurants such as T.G.I. Friday’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and over 130 other chains.

The hope is that children will already know what to do with the barcodes, while their parents may not. When scanned, the codes will direct to activities “designed to advertise Random House content — specifically its picture book, Wild About Books. And on the back, three QR codes will let kids scan into a mobile app for videos, info about the book, and an interactive portion of the book.”

This could signal a sweeping integration of QR codes on all menus targeted at all ages. This also marks somewhat of a deeper search into a new frontier of QR code usage. While Chili’s and some other restaurants have dabbled with QR codes, this is a deeper, richer integration with the overall dining experience.

Are you ready to reach the mobile audience? Sign up for a 14-day free trial of our solution today >>

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Mobile Websites and Consumers

Jason Pinto
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Cash image from Compfight.com

Why should you care about the people that are visiting your website on their phone?

Well, according to this recent post on Bloomberg’s Tech Blog, people that are searching and accessing websites on their phone may be quite close to actually making a purchase.

The article mentions a recent survey that was conducted by Nielsen. The main statistic that caught my attention was this one: “87 percent of users searching for restaurants on their mobile phones and tablets planned to make a purchasing decision the same day.”

The percentages were certainly lower for people that were searching for information on Travel or Automobiles, but they were still fairly significant.

If it’s your job to drive qualified leads or to generate sales for your business, then hopefully statistics like this help to push your mobile website needs into a reality!

Start using our mobile website builder today — it comes with a 14-day free trial >>

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Google’s Mobile Search Enhancements and You

Jason Pinto
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Magnifying Glass image and YOU: Via CompFightThere is no doubt that Google recognizes the importance of taking steps to reach the growing mobile audience.

The latest proof of this comes in the form of this post from Google’s Inside Search blog.

Within the blog post, we learn that Google is rolling out some fairly significant changes to improve its mobile search features (you can read all about them here). If you end up using Google on your smartphone in the days and weeks to come, you will no doubt benefit from them.

But more importantly, the question is this — is your company also taking steps to improve its online content and presence for the mobile audience?

Inspired by Google’s changes, here are 3 areas to focus on when it comes to optimizing our online content:


When it comes to converting a standard, desktop-based website into a mobile version, we have to be willing to make cuts.

We have to reduce the amount of text we use, the size (and amount) of our images, as well as the number of links.

That often is easier said than done — primarily, because we often take pride in the content and story that we share on our regular website.

But the bottom-line is this: will all of those words and pictures truly help the mobile user to find what they need when they are looking at your business on their phone?

By simplifying the message that we display on the mobile site, we will most likely deliver exactly what’s needed and increase our conversion rate.


Smartphones are certainly used for a whole lot more than making phone calls (in some cases, they are used for almost anything BUT phone calls). What this means for marketers is that people have more options and items to distract them than ever before.

If our website fails to load on their phone in an extremely timely fashion, we certainly risk losing them to another website, another social network, another game, another message, etc.

We must truly be sure that that the images and videos we decide to display on our mobile websites truly are essential to accomplishing our business objectives.


Mobile websites must do more than just display properly on a smartphone’s screen — they must also provide an interactive experience to the website visitor that in turn helps our sales team.

One of the best ways to do is this by including mobile-optimized forms.

Whether it’s a form to download a White Paper, to submit a Contact Us inquiry, to make a reservation, etc., interactive elements on a mobile website can help us to truly meet business goals and objectives.

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Olympics and the Impact on Mobile Search

Jason Pinto
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Google released a new report this week that highlights the growing usage of mobile devices during online search activities.

Specifically, the report highlights statistics of mobile search queries that occurred during the first two days of the Olympics, July 27th-28th.

Google shared this infographic to support the statistics:

Infographic from Google: On the Olympics and its impact on mobile search

Are You Ready for Mobile Search?

As the number of mobile device owners continues to rise, so will the number of mobile search queries.

Is your website or landing page ready to handle that?

Give us a call today at 978-694-9992 to learn how we can help you to mobile-optimize your online content!

Or, get started now and sign up for a 14-day free trial of our mobile website builder >>

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Save Time with our Copy Forms Feature

Jason Pinto
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The other day I had a great meeting with our customer support team. They’ve certainly been busy lately due to an influx of new customers and the launch of new features.

But when I asked them what they most wanted to say talked about on the Blog, they said this: “The Copy Forms feature”!

So, to keep them happy — and to save you some valuable time as you build mobile websites — here it is.

The Copy Forms Feature

The Forms feature inside of iFlyMobi is certainly one of the most important compontents for many of our customers.

It’s great to have a site that looks and functions properly for mobile users, but for a business to truly achieve success, they need to capture data from that mobile audience as well.

We noticed that as users were building multiple mobile websites (whether for themselves or for their clients), they were often creating forms that appeared very similar to ones they’ve built in the past.

The reason for this was very practical — most websites need a Contact Us form or a Newsletter Sign-up form.

Our users were doing this by manually setting up the same fields time and time again. Thus, to help save users valuable time and resources, we built the “Copy Forms” function.

How the Feature Works

Here are the instructions for using the Copy Forms feature:

  • Log-in to the iFlyMobi application.
  • Click on the “My Forms” button.
  • Find the Form that you’d like to copy. To the right of the Form name, click on the “Copy Form” button.
  • Then, you will be brought to the New Forms page. However, all of the data — including Lead Routing emails, Thank You page text, and Questions/Answers — will be pre-populated for you. Thus, you can simply adjust the Form as necessary.

iFlyMobi Mobile Website Builder: Screenshot of Copy Forms feature

We hope that you find this feature helpful as you seek to reach and engage with the mobile audience!