What Would A Facebook Phone Mean To Mobile?

Lou Cimaglia
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As we know it today, the smartphone market is dominated by two goliaths: Android and iOS. Aside from myself, I don’t know many people who have a Windows phone.

With this entire industry practically controlled by a duopoly, who would be daring enough to try and break through?

A little company called Facebook. That’s who.

The social networking behemoth has been quietly working on a smartphone, much to the chagrin of the tech world. Critics have opined that it would be a wasted venture for Mark Zuckerberg and company. A post on news.cnet.com says the push for a phone is simple: Facebook needs more cash.

An article on pcworld.com says, “Looking at the cost and resources needed to develop smartphones, it is difficult to see how the sums add up to favor Facebook, particularly when the current state of the smartphone market is factored in.”

But let’s take a different stance on this. What if the Facebook Phone is successful? Perhaps the market will be so saturated with iPhones and Androids that a new option may see decent sales numbers. What could this phone do to the landscape of the mobile industry? First, it would be an unprecedented level of integration with social media and smartphones. Second, as already alluded to, this phone could be incredibly cheap. Facebook and Google are the only companies on earth with an advertising base expansive enough to subsidize an effort like this.

2013 is the target date for this project. Whether or not Facebook’s ambition pays off remains to be seen. Regardless, Apple, Android and the rest of the mobile Mount Rushmore will be keeping a close eye on the developments.


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