Mobile Websites and Click-to-Text Buttons

Jason Pinto
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When it comes to deciding what functionality belongs on a mobile website, perhaps the most important question to answer is this: What functionality would be helpful to the person viewing my content on their phone?

Recently, we wrote about the usefulness of adding a Click-to-Call button.

Well, here’s another option: add a Click-to-Text button/link in your mobile website.

How to Add a Click-to-Text button iFlyMobi

If you are using iFlyMobi to build your mobile websites, it can be very easy to add a Click-to-Text button or link.

How-To Guide: Add a Click-to-Text Button to Your Mobile Website

If you wanted to add it to the home page of your mobile website, simply click the “Add Link” button on the Edit Website page inside of the application. Then, enter the URL as “sms:9786949992″. Of course, enter the phone number that you would want to receive the text-messages in place of “9786949992″ in my example.

If you wanted to add that type of functionality to a page other than the home page, you would simply select the text or image that you’d like to become a link, click they hyperlink icon in our WYSIWYG editor, and then enter a URL in the format listed above.

We hope this helps!



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