Has Mobile Changed Your Email Strategy?

Jason Pinto
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One of the most popular news stories in the world of mobile recently has to do with the tremendous increase of people that read email on their mobile devices.

DMNews provides a nice recap of the study here.

But here is the statistic that should make marketers from organizations of all shapes and sizes take notice: Sixteen percent of emails were accessed via mobile devices in March 2011, up from 9.2% last October.

As that percentage continues to rise, marketers will need to make adjustments to their email strategy. These changes may include:

  • When We Send Emails: If you have shied away from sending emails early in the morning, late at night, or on the weekends before, you may want to start testing out whether a change in delivery could work for you. Yes, people do check emails on their phone during normal work hours – perhaps while sitting in a meeting – but I’m willing to bet that a lot of mobile email consumption happens before or after traditional work hours.
  • Design and Layout: When creating a mobile-optimized website, companies typically devote time to ensuring that their images are designed to load as quick as possible and that key elements are clearly found on the page. The same principles may prove beneficial when it comes to mobile-optimized emails.
  • The Tone of our Content: The mobile experience typically involves satisfying some one’s immediate and direct need. Thus, we may need to focus more than ever before on ensuring that words and calls-to-action we use in our emails grab the attention and desire of our readers .

Looking for more statistics on the rise of email and mobile devices? Here is a great collection from emailmonday.com >>

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