How-To: Add a link to a Phone Number in a Mobile-Optimized Website Page

Jason Pinto
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We recently received this question from an iFlyMobi customer via our Twitter account.

Q. “Any way to make phone numbers ‘live’ links when building a mobile site for iOS?”

We did a bit of research and provided an answer to this customer via Twitter.

Perhaps you want to do the same thing. Maybe you are building a “Contact Us” page on your mobile-optimized website in iFlyMobi. If so, here’s how you can do it:

How-To: Make Phone Numbers be a ‘Live’ Link
  • Via the “My Websites” page, select the website that you wish to edit
  • Then, click the “Edit” button for the page that you want to add the phone number link to
  • Within the WYSISYG editor, type in the phone number (i.e. “If you need assistance, please call us at 978-694-9992″)
  • Select/highlight the text that you want to be a link
  • Click the hyperlink button in the editor
  • In the “Link URL” field, enter the following “tel:9786949992″ (of course, change the phone number to be your own)

By doing that, most smartphones will display the text as a link when someone views your page. Upon clicking the link, they should be presented with a prompt to call the corresponding number.

We hope that this helps!

FYI  — We tested it successfully on an iPhone and an Android phone.

Mobile-Optimized Website: Page with a link to a phone number

Mobile-Optimized Website: Page with a link to a phone number

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